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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes is a collection of sample minutes of trustees’ meetings. It indicates how minutes of pension-related subjects should be drafted and laid out and includes numerous sample minutes covering a wide range of trustees’ duties and routine business over the calendar year.

There is a reality behind the drafting of Minutes. Few people, if any, enjoy the task of drafting the minutes of meetings. Should you ever find yourself being invited to be ‘Minute Secretary’, beware. If it was a great job to do, someone else would already be doing it.

Just a Minute provides the solution. Approach the contents of ‘Meeting Minutes’ as the ready-made start of your new collection of draft Minutes. Begin by searching through the categories to establish whether there is a specimen Minute carrying a title which deals with the subject of your requirements. If you can’t find a title which deals exactly with the subject you are looking for, there may be another which deals with a similar matter only under a different heading. Copying layout will also save valuable drafting time. Adopt and adapt.

Please note:
  • The meeting minutes are not to be construed as giving any form of advice, legal or otherwise, nor should any particular Minute be construed in any way as constituting any form of advice.
  • No two Deed and Rules will necessarily contain the same provisions: check own Rules and documentation for scope.
  • Scheme practices vary from scheme to scheme, confirm details with own adviser(s) before taking any action.
  • Refer to own documentation/practices, etc. in respect of the validation of any sample Minute.
  • An Independent Trustee may be required in some schemes to approve certain proposed actions/decisions.

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