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About The Guide for Pensions Trustees

Welcome to The Guide for Pension Trustees, a practical and reliable service providing all the essential knowledge that trustees and pensions personnel require to perform their role accurately, efficiently and lawfully.

No prior knowledge is assumed. The Guide is designed to provide practical advice for busy trustees in a clear, straightforward manner and draws information from a wide range of sources, including The Pensions Regulator, The Pensions Ombudsman, HMRC and the Courts.

Content of GPT
The Guide, regularly updated by new author Kevin LeGrand, covers a wide range of pension subjects. It addresses all the requirements of TPR’s regime for trustee knowledge and understanding (TKU) and is recommended by the PMI as core reading for the trustee qualification examinations. 

Schemes take many forms and have evolved over time so the Guide provides historical detail on how to deal with legacy provisions that are becoming more difficult to identify and apply. Running a scheme effectively also requires planning and the Guide therefore flags up where change is likely, or known to be on its way.  

To help with practical issues, each section of the Guide ends with points for action that may need to be taken: ‘Some Do’s and Don’ts’. The Guide also includes practical suggestions on a variety of subjects including: the duties of the pension scheme secretary, administrator and company personnel; a business plan for trustees’ meetings; specimen minutes from trustee meetings; and material covering the selection of trustees. 

The Guide addresses all variants of pension scheme, including hybrids, but many readers will be involved with either a DB or a DC scheme, and will need to know which issues affect their scheme(s). The Guide therefore now has colour coding of some text.

The text that has a blue background applies to DB schemes only, whilst text with a pink background applies to DC only. The rest of the text applies to both types of scheme, or contains items that all readers will need to read, for example to provide an important comparison between scheme types.

The main information is supplemented by notes which qualify the detail. There are Appendices that include specimen Trustees’ Minutes, sample Trustee selection procedures, and helpful checklists showing where each point in the PMI’s Awards syllabus and the Regulator’s Indicative Syllabus is covered in the Guide. 

Who will benefit most from GPT?
  • Pension managers If you are looking for a single, reliable source of user-friendly material for your own reference and for your trustees, GPT provides the solution. The service is kept up-to-date throughout the year. It provides sound guidance on practical matters, and saves you the task of searching for current training and reading material for trustees.

  • Individual trustees Whether you are member-nominated or company-appointed, GPT is an easy-to-understand, reliable learning and reference source that takes you straight to the information you require to do your job. It will help you ensure correct procedures and compliance in order to safeguard yourself and your scheme. 

  • If you have responsibility for pensions at your company, GPT provides a straightforward, factual guide to help you understand and manage your pension responsibilities. Should you also have a union role to play in your company, your members will also expect you to have a basic understanding of pension matters. 

  • If you are an employer, GPT will provide you with, for example, rapid briefing on scheme-specific funding requirements, reporting pension costs in company accounts, Stakeholder Pensions, NEST and auto-enrolment, selection of trustees, role of the employer and powers under the rules. 

  • Finally, if you are sitting pension examinations, GPT will be invaluable to you as an essential fact-finder, reference source and revision aid. 

  • For all subscribers, the clear, practical advice contained in GPT is specially designed to help you achieve your objectives and make the burden of responsibility in the complex world of pensions easier to manage. 

    Who is responsible for GPT?
    The Guide for Pensions Trustees (GPT) is a product of Pendragon, see the "Contact Us" page for more details.

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